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Sorgun forest, Titreyengöl, Bosphorus forest and Mediterranean forming a quartet of beauty where history meets nature, are among the unique beauties of nature that offer our guests an insatiable natural environment.

Venüs Hotel Certification & Awards



The 4-star Bieno Venus Hotel Spa is one of the first hotels in the Sorgun Titreyengöl region. It is 65 km from Antalya Airport, 5 km from Manavgat and 7 km from Ancient Side, where history meets nature.
Sorgun Forest, Titreyengöl, Bosporus Forest and the Mediterranean Quartet offer their guests a unique environment. It is one of the beauties. The Venus Hotel has been awarded the Green Star and Green Key certificates for environmentally friendly guidelines by the Ministry of Tourism and has continued its services aimed at the satisfaction of its guests since 1988.
The beautiful garden is located on an area of 17,200 m2 at a distance of 350 m from the sea and has professional staff and friendly staff.


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The rooms in our facilities have width and spaciousness above the average hotel room sizes for the comfort of our guests.
Standard Room Features
Bathroom (With Shower) - Toilet, Minibar (a big bottle of water is put in daily), Hair Dryer, Laminate or Ceramic floor, Safe (Paid), Air Conditioning (Split), Direct line phone, Satellite TV, Wireless internet (paid), Room with pool and garden view. Our Standard Rooms are suitable for 3-person stays.

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Family Rooms Features

Bathroom (With Shower) - Toilet, Minibar (a big bottle of water is added daily), Hair Dryer, Laminate or Ceramic floor,
Safe Box (Paid), Air Conditioning (Split), Direct line phone, Satellite TV,
Wireless internet (with charge), Our family rooms consist of 2 bedrooms with a door and 1 bathroom.
All family rooms have garden views.
Our Family Rooms max. Suitable for 4 adults or 3 adults + 1 child stay.

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Disabled Rooms Features
Bathroom ( With Shower ) - Toilet, Minibar ( a big bottle of water is added daily), Hair Dryer, Laminate or Ceramic floor, Safe (Paid), Air Conditioning (Split), Direct line phone There are satellite television, wireless internet (with charge), 2 single beds with garden view.
The general features are the same as the standard rooms and the bathrooms are designed for disabled guests.
Rooms are cleaned 6 days a week and bed linen is changed 3 times a week, towel change is subject to guest's request.

Pool & Beach

Our Pool's
Outdoor pool, slide pool (with double slide - open in summer season), children's pool, indoor pool (open in winter season - heated)





Our main restaurant has a capacity of 600 people with its unique inner garden and terrace. In the Venus Restaurant that appeals to the taste of our guests; open buffet service is offered in the morning, lunch, dinner and night soup.


When you want to sip something while having fun, relaxing or chatting, our Lobby Bar, Snack Bar, Aqua Bar, Beach Bar will be waiting for you. Our Restaurant - Bar and beach services may vary according to summer - winter season and weather conditions.

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Themed special nights (Gala and Turkish nights), day and evening animation activities

Activities for Children:
Mini club for 04-11 years old children, mini disco, playground (with shade), baby carriage (chargeable), high chair, baby bed


Free Activities
Fitness center, tennis court (Artificial grass), table tennis, water slides (in summer season and certain hours) Turkish bath.


Paid Activities:
Massage, Sauna, water sports (privately owned), tennis field lighting, tennis equipment, Billiards, Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and in the rooms.

When you choose our Bieno Venus Hotel & Spa hotel, you can have a great fun day with your family in Aqua Joy, the biggest water park of the region, which is 200 m away from our facility.


Certification & Awards

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Green Star & Green Key

As Venus Hotel, we identify our negative impacts on the environment and take potential hazards and wastes under control in order to protect the environment we live in and ensure its continuity. We comply with the applicable environmental laws, regulations, legislations and regulations for the controlled use of natural resources and to minimize energy consumption, air, water and soil pollution. We organize events so that environmental awareness is adopted not only by our employees but also by our guests, and we provide surplus values ​​in nature and the environment by cooperating with local governments. Based on these sensitivities, the Ministry of Tourism has rewarded our hotel with a green star and a green key.

Around Us



Side got its name from the word "Pomegranate" in Anatolia. B.C. It is thought to have been founded in the 7th century. The people used a language specific to this city. Although this language is still unresolved, it is from the Indo-European language family. It has become one of the most important trade centers in the region due to its port. At that time, people of Side believed in gods such as Aphrodite, Ares, Athena, Apollo and Demeter.
There are world-famous historical and natural beauties you can visit in Side, which fascinates people with its unique fascinating architecture: Side Ancient City, Temple of Apollo, Antique Theater, Side Museum.

Trembling Lake


Titreyengöl has an area of ​​3000 m2. Titreyengöl contains many birds from cormorants to Peking Duck. On the surface of the Titreyen Lake, which is located in the most southeast of Antalya, it expands before one of the branches of Manavgat Stream spills into the sea, causing a very slight fluctuation. It is named after this fluctuation because it is just like a shivering image.

Manavgat River and Waterfall


Manavgat River forms part of Antalya's natural beauty. It is fed from a single source and is one of the longest underground streams in the world. Turquoise green waters are rich in minerals, clean and clear. If you wish, you can paddle in these green and cool waters or make small discoveries with a canoe.

The river is home to many fish and bird species. You can also see freshwater turtles sunbathing on dry logs. There are citrus gardens and greenhouses that fill fertile soil along the rich riverbed. 3 km from Manavgat district. The waterfall in the north has the same name as the district. Although it is poured from an astonishing height, it creates a view worth seeing with a high flow of noise over a wide area.

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